Teen Counseling

Is your tween or teen struggling with the social and emotional challenges of adolescence?
Have you noticed a recent change in your teen’s behavior or mood? 

Counseling and Therapy for Teens in Oviedo, Florida

At Empowered Wellness, tweens and teens ages 12-17 are provided a safe space where they can feel heard and comfortable to open up about their concerns and emotions.

Adolescence is a difficult time in life defined by a roller coaster of emotions, social pressures, physical changes and unknowns about the future. Not to mention it is a time when many mental health concerns have their onset including mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Yet today’s teens are faced with additional challenges ranging from stress of piled on extracurricular activities and AP classes, choosing the right college or career path to being overwhelmed with social media apps and technology.

Because adolescence is such a pivotal time for developing and maintaining social and emotional habits, it is important to get teens the support they need to become successful, resilient adults. Individual counseling and therapy can help teens:

  • Learn new ways to manage anger and self-regulate emotions
  • Identify healthy coping skills and stress management techniques
  • Build self-esteem and confidence
  • Develop decision-making skills
  • Navigate through social challenges and peer pressure
  • Explore how to maintain healthy relationships and open communication with parents

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