Therapeutic Yoga & Mindfulness

What is a Therapeutic Yoga Session?

pexels-photo-374101Therapeutic yoga and mindfulness sessions are specifically designed to help you better manage symptoms of anxiety or depression. You will learn specific asanas or yoga poses, breathing exercises known as pranayama, and mindfulness techniques based on your individual needs and concerns. The goal of therapeutic yoga sessions is to equip you with new self-soothing and coping skills to feel better and improve overall functioning.

Who would benefit from a Therapeutic Yoga Session?

Children, teens and adults can all benefit from learning new yoga and mindfulness techniques especially those looking to:

  • Manage stress and improve self-care
  • Practice self-love and compassion
  • Feel more present, calm or at peace within themselves
  • Feel more empowered to overcome challenges and handle everyday life

Please inquire within regarding the wellness investment for therapeutic yoga sessions.