Yoga For Young Women

In today’s world, young women are struggling with the pressure to be “perfect” and meet unrealistic expectations set forth by society. They are constantly comparing themselves to celebrities and others’ lives while mindlessly scrolling through social media.  They equate their self-worth to how many ‘likes’ they get on their most recent post. This in returns sends the message that they are not smart enough, pretty enough or not good enough.

Yoga helps teach us how to accept things as they are including ourselves. It also teaches us how to listen and be more intuned with our bodies, practice gratitude, and how to navigate life’s challenges with ease. 

This 6-week yoga series is designed specifically to empower young women ages 16-21. Through meditation, poses, and pranayama (breathing techniques) young women will gain the tools they need to:

  • Increase confidence and positive self-esteem

  • Manage stress and self-regulate emotions

  • Incorporate self-care into daily and weekly routine

  • Practice self-love and compassion

  • Feel more present, calm and at peace within themselves

If interested in the Yoga for Yoga Women series, please call (407) 720-0596 for more information.


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